How do I find my grade and feedback on an assignment?
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Click on the 3 lines next to your course name to display the left navigation options.

Arrow points to the triple line icon menu at the top left of Canvas, before the course name

Click on Grades to see a list of graded assignments.

Grade screen in Canvas

The "Score" column tells you how many points you earned, and the "Out of" column tells you how many points the assignment was worth. The next column may contain a possibility of three icons. The first icon, labeled "a", shows you the assignment comments. The second icon, labeled "b", shows you the average score, and the high and low scores for that assignment. The third icon, labeled "c", shows you the rubric, and the ratings you were given on the assignment.

Columns of the Grading Screen

You can also click into the assignment itself to view your Submission Details.

Assignment highlighted in the Grades screen

The Submission Details page allows you to see your submitted files, and any general comments made. In the top right, you will see your grade along with a link to view the rubric details. You will also see a link to "View Feedback" next to your submitted assignment. It is important to note that some assignments will have additional comments annotated on your actual submission file. To view these annotated comments, click the "View Feedback" link.

Submission Details page with Grade and View Feedback highlighted

After clicking "View Feedback," you will then see your assignment and any annotated comments that relate to specific portions of that assignment to the right.

Submission shows annotation comments

Note: If your Feedback is small and zoomed in, you may have to scroll back and forth, and up and down, to read all of your annotations.


  1. Click the Grades menu from the course home page.
    Grade and feedback 1.png
  2. In the Grades page, scroll down until you see the assignment that you are looking for and click it.
    Grade and feedback 2.png
  3. Once you are in the assignment, click the Submission & Rubric button. This will show you how you scored on individual rubric items.
    Grade and feedback 3.png
  4. If your assignment has annotated comments on it, look for the pin and tap it until a pop up button labeled ‘Comments’ appears. Tap ‘Comments’ to read the grader’s comment.
    Grade and feedback 4.png