How do I contact a grader?
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If you have a question about an assignment grade, click into the assignment.

Assignment is highlighted within a module on Canvas

Click on Submission Details in the top right hand corner.

Link to Submission Details is highlighted on the top right of the assignment screen

The right side of the Submission Details page should have feedback comments from your grader. They should have included a link to their "grading questions form." Filling out this form is how you can contact the specific grader that graded your assignment.

Highlight the link address in the comments section, and press Control + C to copy it (or Command + C if you are on a Mac). You can also right click and select "Copy."

Grader form within the assignment comments is highlighted for copying

After copying the form link, paste it into a new browser by either pressing Control + V (or Command + V on a Mac) or by right clicking and selecting "Paste."

New browser shows cursor in the URL address bar and a right-click dropdown option to Paste

Press "enter" or "return" to visit the link. This will take you to a PathwayConnect form that you will fill out to ask your grader a question.

Example Grading Questions Form

Note: If your grader forgot to include a link to their Grading Questions Form, contact your instructor.