Putting it Together: ICE Method
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Based on what you have learned about the ICE approach to quote integration (introduction, citation, explanation), a fully integrated quote might look like the following:

In an April 2016 General Conference talk entitled “Family Councils,” Elder M. Russell Ballard teaches that the family council, facilitated by the guiding hand of the Holy Ghost, can “protect us from the evils of the world.” I have seen this promise prove true in my own life as my family has held regular family councils. One time, my little brother was on the computer and…[finish sharing concrete example]

To help you start creating your own ICE method-based quote integrations in your own essay, consider reviewing and returning often to the visual below:

This is an image on how to use the ICE method in quote integration. Introduce: who said it, where it was said, and/or when it was said. Cite: direct quotation, paraphrase, or a combination of both. Explain: explain the significance of the quote.

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